Be creative - Workshop

This is probably the time when we need more creativity and imagination. It’s not so easy to stay at home and try our best to avoid the COVID19. I’ve been reading some helpful blog posts discussing about our mental health and various ways to ‘connect’ with friends and family virtually - it’s probably good that we now have such technologies so we can be more informed and connected. Nevertheless, it’s slowly becoming a long term mind project as we can’t just binge-watch Netflix several days. 

I met lots of new crafters since last year. (Some clips are available to view on our Instagram Stories.) Some had experiences with leathers but the majority didn't. When our crafters completed their projects, each piece was made with their personal touch and their products quickly proved their creativity. Not a creative person? You might be surprised when you try making at one of our leathercraft workshops. (Sadly our workshops are currently closed due to COVID19 but we are looking forward to start over soon!) 

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leathercraft workshop by Mollum Vellum London

Leathercraft workshop: which one you'd like to make today?

hand burnishing leather - Mollum Vellum London leathercraft workshop

Hand burnishing leathergoods

photography by Shareen Akhtar