Every little stitching stories

Milo veg tan leather card holder

Difference between hand-stitched and machine sewed leather products? Some mentioned that hand stitched leather goods were more durable because of different stitching methods. (Even if stitches became loosen or cut off by any forces, that would be a fraction of stitching lines (due to special stitching methods) but won’t affect entire threads. Agree and it’s true. I also love machine sewed leather goods for other reasons though. And there are ways to recover stitches if that really happens - it’s never a disaster..

I love hand stitching leathers because I fell in love with its distinctive character. When they talk about handstitching leathers, they tend to use thicker threads which are impossible to use for bobbins due to limitation of thread feeding.  And those threads are coated with beeswax for further durability. (You can buy waxed threads or coat threads with beeswax - entirely up to the artisan. ) Besides of enhanced functionality, I love to see tidy stitching lines made by special hand stitching techniques (e.g., saddle or box stitching etc) 
It does take some time to complete a single product whichever sewing methods you choose. And probably it would take 3-4 times more the time required for handstitching leathers. (In my case, I don’t use pricking irons so it requires even more.)   But I am more in love with handstitched products as I appreciate their time and effort on every stitch. (Again, machine sewed products are also beautiful for many reasons. It’s entirely up to you. ) 
What’s your favourite?