Goodbye August!

This month has been going really fast considering lots of global events recently and of course as far as our small store's move is concerned. I have to say that it's been awesome! I always admire various people from all over the world and get in touch with us. Interestingly we are actually looking at much smaller and friendly world! Do you feel the same? 


I've recently added Sydney pencil case and London card wallet. Grown up in lots of big cities, I have often come across with our basic human nature, i.e., getting more close to freedom and sharing with beloved ones. Sydney and London are a part of my urban collections which constantly reach out to natural and yet modern lifestyles. I guess it's not too far from any corner, even in "so-called" countryside one tends to seek out for modern simplicity - Of course, I do admire properly rustic designs too!


Try looking up the sky and finding the true nature! Hope you can sometimes deeply breathe in and out. Perhaps our nature seeking collections may help your imagination! Happy Day! Goodbye August!