Happy Holiday!

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We love this time of the year. Preparing Christmas food list and gifts and thinking about family and friends who you couldn't catch up as often as you hoped for... How is your Christmas shopping going so far? 

Latest product updates

This year we have introduced a couple of new leather products for easier and hassle-free lifestyle. If you've looking for something a little different but don't give up on functionality for your busy commuting journey, you might like our Louis Card Wallet. Louis Card wallet has three card sleeve pockets, i.e., you can put a couple of cards and bank notes separately. And you don't need to fold the 20-pounds note no more than once as it's been designed to care about 20-pounds note. 

Does your MacBook Pro tell you how much scratches you would have prevented? (So does mine!) Edwin MacBook Bag has been hand-stitched from vegetable tanned leather and is designed to help you move with MacBook however your journeys are. You can also attach a shoulder strap and use it like a crossbody bag. Simple! 

Leathercraft Workshop 

We've been meeting lots of new leather crafters recently! (Thanks everyone for joining me!) The workshop is designed to help you learn leathercraft tools and skills so you can make it on your own if you want to take it further. If you are ever curious about leathercraft, this is the chance to go deeper. Some images from our first leathercraft workshop is available here. You will find more workshop images from our Story soon. (I should have posted about this but obviously this is the most busiest time of the year...)

leather craft workshop with Mollum Vellum London

Winter Holiday

We will have our Winter Holiday from 20th December 2019 to 12th January 2021. Orders will still be accepted during the Winter Holiday period but they will be processed from 15th January 2021. Our online communications will be open as usual and you will receive confirmation on despatching times by email, usually within 1-2 working days. Of course, please get in touch if you have any question. 

Happy Holiday!