Learn deeper

leathercraft workshop with Mollum Vellum

Is it the time when you want to try out new ideas or skills? When your crafty mind goes deeper, what do you do or what would you like to do? 

As a leather crafter, we thought we needed something else to fulfil our other side happiness, i.e., making small things by our own hands. And a couple of trials, we finally prepared our leathercraft workshops for all kinds of crafters - we just do things by our hands: no machine, no plastic and no extreme. 

If you simply want to have fun with friends and family, our Taster workshops are perfect. This class is specifically designed to make no-sew-required projects. It is perfect for anyone who loves to try out new ideas at a lighter touch. You will get a chance to learn about essential knowledge on leathers and hand-cutting techniques. 

Have you heard about leathercrafting and want to know what it is or how to do it? Then the Beginner leathercraft workshop is the first stage you should try. During the beginner workshop, you will learn the basics of the leathercraft and hand sew your unique leather item. 

Intermediate and Advanced workshops are available for anyone who wants to improve their skills and techniques. Both workshops can be taken after enrolling the Beginner workshops.    

What would you like to make for your next project? Join us.