Leathers we use

As an independent leather goods brand, we aim to achieve good quality leather products every project we work on. Leathers are one of the most important factor when we think of quality.

Having visited lots of leather merchants and tanneries in the UK and Italy, we decided to use a couple of types of vegetable tanned leather and they are from Tuscan region. We love their natural finish. Tuscan tanneries are guaranteed to deliver good quality leather using their traditional tanning methods, which they have been inherited generation after generation.       

veg tan leather we use

I've recently discovered that our veg tan leather tanneries are also members of the Pelle Vegetale (the association of vegetable tanned leather based in Tuscany). Their work on processing leather is truly an art of life and dedication toward every material. Hope the above images give you some inspiration.   

(Our Stone collection is using Tuscan vegetable tanned leather.)