London Craft Week (30 Sep - 8 Oct 2020)

Have you found a new way to boost your productivity throughout the day? As 'working-from-home' has become the new norm, many turned their eyes to increase their creativities so we can enjoy our days better. Looking for inspiration is a fun task. To add your exploration, I have some exciting news in the coming months. 

I’ve teamed up with Craft Central and will be hosting a leathercraft workshop as a part of the London Craft Week programmes. It will be an introductory session for two hours on 7th October. I will meet our crafters at the spacious and airy gallery hall at the Craft Central. (If you haven't been here, you should see this former ship building factory!) The gallery hall is so spacious but I only invite 6 people to join my class to have enough space between each other. I will be able to place a table for each person. Sounds fun? Join me! 

(The gallery hall at the Craft Central The Forge. Images from Craft Central.)