Make a New Normal

It hasn’t been really easy since the lockdown - 2 months! Can you believe it? 

A lot of things have changed and we have adapted to the ‘new normal’ whether we like it or not. For sure, it was a good idea to call mum from Facetime. Going outside has been such a precious moment - take a deep inhaling and exhaling as if one has severe issues. Clapping for healthcare teams in the evening united us emotionally. I still don’t know how we will start accepting another phase of this new normal. But one thing for certain is we as human beings are beautiful creatures and are willing to share our love. 

Toilet rolls and flour have become one of the luxury things. I remember I felt anxious about using toilet rolls until supermarkets started to restock them. And I, luckily, managed to bake more breakfast biscuits as I couldn’t find my favourite biscuits in the store. I am not a good baker honestly. But I tried my own recipes (a little tweak and a big hope for the first time!) and now like baking much more. (Ever wondered why biscuits and cakes required a lot of sugar content?) I managed to cut down half the amount of butter and sugar and miraculously I could have beautiful biscuits and cakes! 

If you ever wondered something, it would be the perfect time to try something new. Interested in hand-stitching a face mask or making a skirt? Give it a go. You’d be surprised by yourself. And if it doesn’t turn out as you expected, try it again. You’ve just learned something so you will be better at the next round. When you create something and build your optimism, it enhances your mental and physical health. And we know how much we feel good about the outcome. Stay safe and creative. 


(Image by Gaelle Marcel)