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Leathercraft workshop by Mollum Vellum London UK

Lockdown means so much to everyone. There are many things we can't do during this time. But when things are going to strange ways, some people started to make a big move. I love hearing what people learnt or baked or danced at the end of the day. We are not alone and won't be!
Thanks to our crafters, I've been 'slowly' preparing new workshops.

You can now join me on online AND offline workshops! Go to our workshop section and reserve your date and time suit you.

During the online workshop, you will learn how I prepared your projects and how to finish them. I will show you step by step in real-time. I've designed the online workshops in the simplest way possible. For this reason, you will only receive leathers, needles and threads by post. Of course, if you want to learn from the scratch, you are welcome to ask me. I can arrange leathercraft tools for you so you can finish everything by yourself. I will show you step by step. The online workshops will be delivered in real-time so you can ask me any questions if you like.

If you want to learn leathercraft and to do everything by yourself, you might want to join my in-person workshops. You will learn to hand cut, sew and burnish leathers. You will also learn item and pattern designs. The goal is to help you make something later on your own.

We will have our in-person workshops in the gallery hall of Craft Central The Forge in the Dockland. The building was an iron shipbuilder's forge in the 1800s. No doubt the gallery is a very spacious and airy. Contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

It's been so difficult for everyone. Hope everyone stay safe and well.