Open studio (21-22 September)

On 21st September we opened our studio door to the public. We were very nervous and excited as it was our first public event since moving into the new studio at Craft Central The Forge. It was also a special day for anyone who could experience this gorgeous building as a part of Open House London Weekend. 

Craft Central The Forge

Lots of people stepped inside the renovated ship factory during that weekend. We also had a chance to meet people from many different parts of London. We were delighted to demonstrate what we do and hear generous comments about our work. 

Handcrafted leather crossbody bags by Mollum Vellum

Gallery display from Mollum Vellum

There will be more events lined up until the end of this year at Craft Central. We'd advise you following Craft Central on social media and receive latest newsletters if you don't want to miss out. 

Gallery display from Freeweaver Saori Studio 

Demonstration from SilPhil 

The entrance to our studio

(It took us for some time to post about the Open Studio event.. As you may have noticed from our social media, we've been busy working on our latest collections and leathercraft workshops. If you'd like to hear our latest updates, please sign up for our emails on the Home page. We have to say that we'd prefer sharing our news via social media; however we are now trying to send out emails to our community once a month. 🤞)