Time to travel?

Although London weather in end of July isn't quite as we hoped for (here is slightly cooler..), I guess most people are heading to somewhere nice for their own or with family to create another good time - Hope everyone have great time! And to add holiday or festival spirits, we recently worked on some travel bags for women, which are light and small enough for every woman to enjoy their journey even more. :)

Inspired by recent minimal styles, we wanted to transfer our joy to anyone when buying and carrying our petite travel/festival bags - yes these are in fact 'petite'! 

Ariana Belt Bag

Ariana belt bag (above) shares joyful day. Natural vegetable tanned leathers were used to achieve relaxed life pattern. The bag was hand painted using forest-green leather edge paints. 

Hannah bucket bag

Hannah bucket bag (above) is another petite model for women. When you don't want to carry too much stuffs and just want to take a couple of items, this soft suede bag is the perfect choice. 

leather bookmarket

And if you do read paper books or magazines while moving around, take a look at our natural leather bookmark (above). You won't miss the next page and carry on your journey! 

So are you ready for this summer holiday? :) 

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