Restrictions Exhibition (5-6 September)

On one evening it was raining a lot. It was the time when the government slowly started to ease the lockdown. Without knowing anything about the heavy shower, I took my bike out and had to cross the Greenwich Park. And I saw people with full of emotions under the rain. Happy and joyful. Many walked but some danced. It reminded me of another side of ourselves. Be true to yourself.  

During my recent crafting process, I made three leather objects using black and white recycled leathers. I thought of the things I wanted to do or planned; the things I had to change or adjust; and the things I am going to do later. It was somewhat personal to me because I had a couple of chances to reconsider about our expectations and abilities. I don't think I am an artist but hope my works can reflect our moment and hope for the future. Perhaps "practicing gratitude everyday and reminding ourselves what we've achieved rather than we haven't done" (Dr Punam Krishan) can be another way to live in these chaotic times.   

You can see my full leather pieces at the Restrictions Exhibition on 5-6 September. (The door opens to everyone! Just turn up and enjoy!) I am very pleased to be a part of this amazing community where textile artists are exploring their practices. In addition, the gallery hall is very spacious and airy so you would fully enjoy the exhibition. A catalogue containing our works and artists' journey will be out in August. You can read more about our thoughts, methods, materials behind the finished work. You can find more event info from Saori London - Her Insta images tell you a brief story of the event. 

(I heard from the organiser that you can purchase the catalogue if you want to learn more and support the artists. The catalogue will be out in August. Drop me an email if you want to be in the waiting list.)    

Restrictions Exhibition (5 - 6 September, 12 - 5 pm) 
Craft Central The Forge
397-411 Westferry Road
E14 3AE 


rein story 2 by mollum vellum - restrictions exhibition London

Rein - Story 2 : Connecting the dots 

rein story 3 by mollum vellum : hand woven leather bag

Rein - Story 3 : Balance 

(Featured image: Rein - Story 1: Bond and force) 

(Tip to the visitors: Please do bring your own face coverings. It's a clean and modern venue. You will easily get around and stay hygiene. Plus there will be plenty of facilities to sanitise hands.)