Leather is a natural material. Whether they are vegetable or chrome tanned, leathers have very distinctive characters. I love them all and want to know everything about them.

When one friend brought me recycled leathers, I was excited by their quality. She called them 'recycled'. But I realised they are not 'second-hand' leathers but simply leftover pieces. Leathers became leftover after the cutting process from a manufacturer of high-end goods. (I will tell you everything about these recycled leathers during our class!)

I prepared one of the workshops with these recycled leathers. The leathers are durable and made in Italy. The class is perfect for everyone who doesn't have any experiences in leathercrafting. If you have any leathers to use at home, contact me how you can reuse them.

Our online classes are limited in the form but you will learn the essential skills of the leathercraft.

make a recycled leather wallet with Mollum Vellum London UK