Seating plans

handmade leather seat pads

It's probably one of those things we tend to think at the last. But once we are used to with it, we can't live without it. Before the lockdown, I hurriedly made a minimal seat cushion for myself. I needed a good one because I couldn't think of other ways to work for longer hours. And it turned out it was worth exploring new items. I was quite pleased to sit on it for the next 14 days and didn't feel much pains. I was working on large orders. It required me to sit and sew mostly every day!

I made these seat cushions from recycled leathers† and they are my first products in the Origin collection. I named the origin because I wanted to remind us to realise where we are on the planet and how we use our resources.

The seat cushions have a thin layer of foam to add comfortable sitting and hand-stitching details as an exterior. If you are a fan of natural brown tones for your chairs or stools, you may like them. Currently, there are three colours available. 

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The recycled leathers are from Italy. It didn't take too long to figure it out. They are purely 'leftover' pieces from the production lines of the UK high-end goods. I am happy to work with these leathers.