We've been featured!

It's been a couple of cold and wet days across the UK. Hope everyone is well and has less trouble on any journey. 

I actually thought of " the white Christmas" last weekend when looking at beautiful snow. And I also thought of lots of magical memories from my long trip to Prague last winter. 

I have some amazing news for our small brand. Our products have been featured in Etsy UK and Marlo London! (Thank you so much for including our products!!!) 

Evie bucket bag 
(Evie bucket bag has been loved by many recently!) 
handstitched hearty pink coin purse
(Hearty Pink coin purse is currently on sale!) 

Very often I wouldn't know when/where our products have been featured online... But please pop me a link to it if you do want to write about our products. I will make sure to follow the celebration! 

And thank you for loving our small leather collections!