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Featured in The Pool (in partnership with Etsy)

Last month we were contacted by The Pool who wanted to include our hand-stitched Jamie iPad case for their September blog in partnership with Etsy! (Thank you Etsy and The Pool!!!) 

And this afternoon I just noticed our Jamie iPad case is in their blog, Buying fewer and better accessories that will last!

I really do appreciate that our Jamie iPad case is viewed as a durable and made-to-last leather goods. As an independent leathercrafter, this is one of the crucial things I am always factoring into. Searching for better materials and achieving practicalities in our products are equally important as the beauty of products we hand-make.   

Please also visit our Etsy store if you wonder how to locate it. There are some serious sample sales going on at the moment - until stock lasts.  

Have any ideas on your next gift list? Just ask me! :) 

P.S. Personalisation service is available on colours for stitching and leather edging in addition to initial stamping service.  

Really loving all selections in their blog post today! Yay! :) 



 (All images in this post is from the Pool.)