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Vegetable tanned leather is..

Vegetable tanned leather is one of naturally processed materials in leather industry. As mentioned in earlier blog posts, vegetable tanned leathers have been prepared using traditional and natural tanning methods which have been passed to generation to generation. Many appreciate its undisturbed uniqueness - The leather tends to collect one's environment and usage and is gradually developing its shape and colour. As moisture and oil emerge onto a product (let's say, one would use ons' wallet everyday), the product tends to update its characters visually.  Most of our product ranges are created with vegetable tanned leather. We particularly love one of our jewellery roll, Alina. The leather is not tanned so is the most natural material of leathers. (I wish...

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Why are we wearing belts?

I haven't really thought about this question until my receiving some special custom orders recently. And I "googled" how men are actually thinking about and agree with general aspects on the belt. There are possibly two main reasons to summarise: 1. For the final touch - belts can complete your look for the day; 2. For practical use - we need belts to hold our trousers where they should be throughout the day.  While writing this post, I can't help adding one more : For your collection - you can treasure belts if they mean so much to you for some special reason and you might want to add them into your private collections.  I've been asked to work on...

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Leathers we use

As an independent leather goods brand, we aim to achieve good quality leather products every project we work on. Leathers are one of the most important factor when we think of quality. Having visited lots of leather merchants and tanneries in the UK and Italy, we decided to use a couple of types of vegetable tanned leather and they are from Tuscan region. We love their natural finish. Tuscan tanneries are guaranteed to deliver good quality leather using their traditional tanning methods, which they have been inherited generation after generation.        I've recently discovered that our veg tan leather tanneries are also members of the Pelle Vegetale (the association of vegetable tanned leather based in Tuscany). Their work...

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Every little stitching stories

Difference between hand-stitched and machine sewed leather products? Some mentioned that hand stitched leather goods were more durable because of different stitching methods. (Even if stitches became loosen or cut off by any forces, that would be a fraction of stitching lines (due to special stitching methods) but won’t affect entire threads. Agree and it’s true. I also love machine sewed leather goods for other reasons though. And there are ways to recover stitches if that really happens - it’s never a disaster.. I love hand stitching leathers because I fell in love with its distinctive character. When they talk about handstitching leathers, they tend to use thicker threads which are impossible to use for bobbins due to limitation of...

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