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Gift sets in this Autumn

We've been busy preparing some sets of leather goods for upcoming festive season and have added three sets of gift choices.  If you are looking for something durable and chunky enough to feel 'good', these sets of leather card holders and leather keyrings may be good options for you.     Simply Chestnut Leather Card Holder & Sam Chestnut Keyring  Max wallet & Sam Keyring  Simply Almond leather card holder & Sam Almond Keyring    Aren't they perfect for your Autumn (or all-year-round) styles?  Each product are also sold individually so you can find more detailed information from each page too.  What gift ideas are you up to?     

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Our story on Urban Makers East blog

While summer is slowly saying goodbye to us in London, we've been busy working on our next move and we are very excited to take each step for our leather world! Yay!!  Have you read our story from Urban Makers East (UME) blog post recently? Ilka, one of UME's founders and illustrator, wrote and introduced Mollum Vellum to their local audiences last week. UME is a craft market organiser based in East London. We met lots of local customers and fellow designer/makers through their markets last year. And we are very excited to be a part of another ones with them soon! Hope to see you there!    

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Featured on Made In Town!

We are very excited to share that our leatherwork has been featured on French online magazine, Made In Town ! - Thank you!  Made in Town is a Paris based online publisher who usually talks and delivers about handcrafted works from all over the world. I personally couldn't stop reading their articles because of the lovely digestive introduction to other craft works! If you are a big fan of artisans and their hand-works, please do start from here. And perhaps you could sign up to their newsletters so that you can stay up to date on latest handcrafted works?  You can find the featured products on this article here:  Robyn Briefcase Octavia Blue Purse Hearty Pink Purse 

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Let's make geometric leather fun!

It's been such a busy month for us and we are now finally getting back to our track!  During my recent trips to other parts of the world, I was very much inspired by moderate shapes and colour shemes. I couldn't help noticing cultural transition from the old to the new, from Europe to all the way to Seoul.  These full and hald circled round leather rings have been added in our store. And three square dotted pink and blue brooches are also available. Find your petite geometric fun for your everyday styles!  

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A little note for deliveries

Hope everyone enjoy wherever you are. It seems we have a beautiful and strong sunshine this week. Just loving this warm vibe here in London. You may have noticed from my social media that I am currently experiencing a little heavier workload. Due to recent workload, please be advised that I will process (i.e. make and dispatch) your orders from 26 June. Any customers who place orders from today will receive our email confirmation on delivery timelines. If you have any dates in your mind and want to find out more, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will usually get back to you within 1-2 working days. Feel like summer is just on our doorstep. Let's welcome and...

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