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Open studio (21-22 September)

On 21st September we opened our studio door to the public. We were very nervous and excited as it was our first public event since moving into the new studio at Craft Central The Forge. It was also a special day for anyone who could experience this gorgeous building as a part of Open House London Weekend.  Lots of people stepped inside the renovated ship factory during that weekend. We also had a chance to meet people from many different parts of London. We were delighted to demonstrate what we do and hear generous comments about our work.  Gallery display from Mollum Vellum There will be more events lined up until the end of this year at Craft Central. We'd advise you following...

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Leathercraft Workshop - First Day!

We just had our first leathercraft workshop this Thursday. Despite of our late "shout-out", we could meet our first and new learners in our beautiful studio building at Craft Central.  We kicked off the session by introducing the "leathercraft world" and how we would guide everyone to complete their very unique craft.   We were so pleased to see everyone seemed to enjoy stamping their own words on leather card holders.  We quickly moved onto handstitching leather card holders.  Threads can be difficult for complete beginners. But that's why we are there to help!  Ta-da! That's it!  Either for yourself or for someone else, you can actually try making a small card wallet. We were very much pleased with nice comments after...

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Our latest hand-stitching

When the sun is out, it is becoming really difficult not to go out. It is an interesting psychology. Although psychologists haven't got the conclusion to why our moods tend to follow weather, we can probably 'say' that it is actually nice to enjoy the sun and go out with friends and family. All we want is to have some nice time with people who we love, isn't it?  In fact, the sun indeed helps me focus on things. As far as my hand-stitching goes along with leathers, it is much easier to work under sunny days.  It was the last piece I worked on Alina Jewellery Roll. We are now preparing new collections which will be, again, limited editions...

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We've been featured in Etsy Blog!

     Is it time to update your wardrobe or drawers? As you've noticed, we do not really follow latest trends as our products are more focused on lifetime users and old traditions. Nevertheless we are super excited to share that our Hannah bucket bag has been featured on the latest Etsy Blog posted by Katie Hawley!       The bucket bag has historically been a workhorse—the iconic 1923 Louis Vuitton Noé carryall was specifically designed to fit five bottles of champagne—and today’s scaled-down versions are equally suited for toting seasonal essentials. “As we move into spring and start spending more time out and about, I like to step up my bags and purses game,” says Dayna. “Bucket bags are a staple of any...

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Vegetable tanned leather is..

Vegetable tanned leather is one of naturally processed materials in leather industry. As mentioned in earlier blog posts, vegetable tanned leathers have been prepared using traditional and natural tanning methods which have been passed to generation to generation. Many appreciate its undisturbed uniqueness - The leather tends to collect one's environment and usage and is gradually developing its shape and colour. As moisture and oil emerge onto a product (let's say, one would use ons' wallet everyday), the product tends to update its characters visually.  Most of our product ranges are created with vegetable tanned leather. We particularly love one of our jewellery roll, Alina. The leather is not tanned so is the most natural material of leathers. (I wish...

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