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Leathers we use

As an independent leather goods brand, we aim to achieve good quality leather products every project we work on. Leathers are one of the most important factor when we think of quality. Having visited lots of leather merchants and tanneries in the UK and Italy, we decided to use a couple of types of vegetable tanned leather and they are from Tuscan region. We love their natural finish. Tuscan tanneries are guaranteed to deliver good quality leather using their traditional tanning methods, which they have been inherited generation after generation.        I've recently discovered that our veg tan leather tanneries are also members of the Pelle Vegetale (the association of vegetable tanned leather based in Tuscany). Their work...

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Last Order Dates in 2018 (Retail & Wholesale)

Already thinking of Christmas? (You are not alone!) It's probably best to prepare for the big day of the year well in advance.  We will be closing our store on 14th December and the last order date will be 10th December for both UK and international customers. As this is the busiest time of the year, in order to make secure delivery in time, we advise you place your orders by the first week of December, especially if you are non-UK customers. (We really hate to see any delays during this busy and festive season!)  For wholesale customers, please bear in mind that we will do our best to accommodate your deadlines; however, as this is the busiest time of...

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Introducing Stone Collection

We are introducing the Stone Collection for our vegetable tanned leather goods. The Stone Collection is a concept brand where we explore traditional leathercraft techniques and natural materials. Italian full-grain vegetable tanned leathers are used to emphasise raw materials, hardwares and hand-crafting process (notably including hand-cutting and hand-stitching). We want to embrace artisanal craftsmanship and simplicity in our life. We will be adding more products and update (possibly dropping/adding our collections). Please stay tuned for more updates. Featured products in this page: Jess veg tan leather crossbody bag  (Wondered where our colourful suede mini bags and pouches are gone? They are now in the Elan Collection. Elan by Mollum Vellum will have colourful handmade leather bags and pouches. We just...

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We are back!

We are back to our studio and currently busy preparing our latest collection. During the past two months, we've worked lots of large orders (and every lovely customers) and also had wonderful holiday in a sunny hot country - I will have to talk about this a bit later..  Our store will have huge change. (I've been thinking about it for a long time.. And I am finally firing it out!) More news will be updated here and social media.  This image was taken yesterday after hand-cutting veg tan leather pieces and we skived leathers which might be shown later on social media. We are working on a travel mini bag. Any ideas on how it will be looking like? ...

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Summer break

We are taking a break for this summer and the store will be fully open from end of September (tbc). Thank you so much for continuous love for our work and we decided to step forward to take more opportunities. We will also work on our next collections which will be another huge change in our store. We hope to bring lots of new updates soon. Please kindly note that any orders placed until such times, we will make/ship them from September.  If you have any question, please just get in touch with us.   

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