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Best Flower Markets in London

Is the Columbia Road flower market your favorite spot? Walking down the narrow street and at some point it's never a walk but just a few steps forward.. but we love there so much I guess? The Columbia Road market has been expanded for the last couple of years. And we now see more wider vintage and handcraft stores there too.  (image from Time Out London) If you live in Hackney or somewhere East London, the Columbia Road flower market is an another vibrant place to visit. You can fulfill most of your needs, especially if you are after some "trendy stuffs" like eucalyptus. And they are cheaper than our high street florists. But of course, it also mean you might...

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Crafty Fox Market at Kindred Studios

This Saturday (9th June) we will be going to Crafty Fox Market at Kindred Studios between Queen's Park and Maida Vale. There will be 65+ artists and designer/makers - How Exciting!  We will be presenting some of our latest leather wallets and purses. And we will also bring some of our finest Italian vegetable tanned leathers for personalised keyring and bookmarks. Find us and have your name on leather accessories! See you there!    _____ Like what you see? These simply personalised leather keyrings and bookmarks will be available in our web store shortly.          

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Crafty Fox Market at Mercato Metropolitano

We will be joining Crafty Fox Market this Saturday (2nd June) at the Italian street food markets, Mercato Metropolitano! Mercato Metropolitano is located between Elephant & Castle and Borough stations. The venue has great selections for "Italian style" foods and grocery store.  This is our first public popup this year - We are super excited about it!  See you there!   

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Every little stitching stories

Difference between hand-stitched and machine sewed leather products? Some mentioned that hand stitched leather goods were more durable because of different stitching methods. (Even if stitches became loosen or cut off by any forces, that would be a fraction of stitching lines (due to special stitching methods) but won’t affect entire threads. Agree and it’s true. I also love machine sewed leather goods for other reasons though. And there are ways to recover stitches if that really happens - it’s never a disaster.. I love hand stitching leathers because I fell in love with its distinctive character. When they talk about handstitching leathers, they tend to use thicker threads which are impossible to use for bobbins due to limitation of...

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Less is more.

Sometimes less is more. It's not quite easy especially when we go to a place where we've never been before. Grabbing from essential things (e.g., wallet, card holder, key holder and cosmetics) to some 'just in case' stuffs like plasters and hair bands.. Wouldn't it be a little nicer if all your essentials are in a smaller bag and you are free from weight of carrying a bag?  Spring is a lovely time to start your new adventure, regardless how far you travel to. Once you make up your mind and start, you will feel and experience it. I guess this is the reason why we travel..  We've just added grey mini bag and now three colours are available. They...

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