Leathercraft Workshop

"It was such a lovely and fun evening! We made a specially customised item. It's a perfect gift." (Elisa)

"Thank you for a really fun workshop. I was so pleased to be able to make and to take it home with me at the end of the workshop." (Gina)


It's been such strange times due to the COVID-19. In responding to our crafters, online classes are now added in addition to in-person classes. Click through items you'd like to make and you will find options to select either online or in-person class. 

In-person classes are held in our gallery hall of Craft Central at the Forge which was originally made to build ships in the Isle of Dogs during the 1800s. Due to the current outbreak, there may be a maximum of 4 people in the gallery to 'keep the distance' until further notice. (The gallery is so huge and has the highest ceiling. Really looking forward to opening more doors!)  

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