About Mollum Vellum

Mollum Vellum is a minimal leather goods brand lead by Herin in London, the United Kingdom. Inspired by authentic Japanese craftsmanship, we use traditional leathercraft tools and techniques (e.g., hand-cutting and saddle stitching) and create leather goods which could simplify our busy and complex lifestyle. 

In order to reflect our intention towards craftsmanship, we consider ethically produced leathers and source our materials from leading merchandisers and tanneries in the UK and Italy. We sometimes travel to Italy to search for materials and you may find our trips on our social media. 

We welcome wholesale queries. Please get in touch using the Contact form.    

M O L L U M  V E L L U M 


Herin designs and creates Mollum Vellum's collections. She learnt her  leathercraft techniques from a former leather bag designer in Seoul and is experimenting her own styles in a vibrant city, London. She is specialised in making bag patterns, samples and final products.         

(Mollum Vellum is derived from Latin, meaning 'soft calfskin'.)