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About Us

leathercraft tools by mollum vellum

Mollum Vellum is a lifestyle leather goods brand lead by Herin in London, the United Kingdom. Inspired by authentic craftsmanship and slow handcrafting process, we make leather bags wallets and small accessories by real hands. We want to share naturally developed simplicity in our products. 

pattern making by mollum vellum

Our handcrafting process starts from inception and concept design to sample and final product making. We design and create patterns for each product. We use traditional leathercraft tools and techniques (e.g., saddle stitching and leather edge burnishing/painting). 

We source our leather from leading merchandisers and tanneries in the UK and Italy where consciously produce leathers for premium leather goods. Our  vegetable tanned leathers from members of the Pelle Vegetale (the Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium), who are pursuing traditional tanning methods and supplying durable fine leathers in Tuscany.

For veg tan leather bags and wallets, please visit Stone Collection while you can find soft jewellery pouches in Elan Collection

If you have any question please just get in touch using the Contact form. For wholesale queries, please read here first and contact us. We usually get back to you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday; 9am - 6pm).         

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M O L L U M  V E L L U M 


Herin creates Mollum Vellum's collections. She collects her inspiration from daily objects and travel. She loves making every stitching hole with a stitching awl on each product and completing project with professional finish. She is also specialised in making patterns, samples and finished products. 

(Mollum Vellum is derived from Latin, meaning 'soft calfskin'.)