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leathercraft tools by mollum vellum

Mollum Vellum is a lifestyle leather goods brand based in East London. Inspired by authentic craftsmanship and slow handcrafting process, Mollum Vellum designs and hand-makes leather bags wallets and small leather accessories by real hands. Mollum Vellum would like to share naturally developed simplicity in our leather products. 



When I started learning leather bag making, I just wanted to make something new and more products so that I could understand more. I was lucky enough to meet a former handbag designer in Seoul and really enjoyed the time I spent to learn and explore new ideas under intensive training. I think I was happy to try out something different and re-connecting myself with Korean culture. 

I have been adding more skills based on Korean leathercraft techniques in London. And I am designing and hand-making (hopefully) somewhat simple and yet functional leather goods in our everyday living. All my handcrafting tools are quite sharp and purposeful. Once you get to know the tools, you start understanding the importance of keeping your tools sharp before starting anything. I always think of woodworkers sharpening their tools for the next project. 

As I develop my leathercrafting journey, I've been staying close to natural and good quality materials. The slow process of leatherwork is one of the most important factors in my work. It shapes the uniqueness of the product and tells the story of the leather and the crafter. I believe my work can be finalised by the purpose of the product (practical and/or emotional), good materials and craftsmanship. I hope our products add happy moments in your life journey. 

Join me and dive into the slow handcrafting world. 

Best wishes, 

Herin from Mollum Vellum 

(Mollum Vellum is derived from Latin, meaning 'soft calfskin'.)