About Us


Mollum Vellum is a lifestyle leathergoods brand lead by Herin in London. We design and make leather bags wallets and small leather accessories by using traditional leathercrafting methods, e.g., hand-stitching. 

Preservation of slow craft

We value dedication, perseverance and mastery achieved by artisans throughout history. We believe this was obtained through a deep connection between the artisans and their tools and materials. We are thriving to replicate such mastery and embracing our ethos in our work. We are constantly learning and reviewing traditional leather crafting techniques, e.g., hand cutting, sewing and finishing.

Quality we pursue

We enjoy spending more time on completing each product. Time is an essential element in our leatherwork in order to deliver a good product. One customer's smile for his three-years-old wallet simply left us huge happiness on the day. We also do lots of research on finding better materials for our customers and planet. Our leathers are certified for various environmental aspects. 

Connection of our living      

We are exploring new ways of living and want to bring natural ways of thinking in our products. Slow process of making each object taught us another way to connect ourselves. We want to continuously evolve ourselves, listening to the world and connecting everyone who wants to dive into our reimagined modern living.  

leather tools for hand stitching

 hand stitching tools for leather craft 


† Mollum Vellum is derived from Latin, meaning 'soft calfskin'. 


(Portrait photography by Shareen Ahktar )