1. How to shop at Mollum Vellum

As you land on product pages, you will find custom selections, e.g., colours of threads and leather edges. Please select them from the drop-down boxes in order to complete checkout. 

All order are made to order except for some sale items. 

Upon your orders, we will send you an email to confirm successful acceptance of your orders and also email you regarding estimated dispatching date within 1-2 working days. If you have any question about our processing time and delivery, please just get in touch with us prior to your placing an order.

Delivery tracking numbers are provided after dispatching your parcels. Your signature will be required upon delivery.  

We reserve the right to modify custom selections and product details at any time. 


2. Source of materials

We highly value modern craftsmanship and hence only sources reliable and quality leathers (including any related materials, eg., buttons and reinforcements) from industry leaders in the UK and Italy.

We select durable and good quality materials after several testing and personal visits to leather tanneries and distributors. The materials used at Mollum Vellum are professionally and globally well recognised in the industry.


3. Privacy Policy 

Buyers are agreed to share personal details in order for us to ship products to buyers. The personal details includes buyer's name, billing/shipping address, email address and telephone numbers. 

Buyers are also agreed to pass their credit/debit card details to card processing companies as we do not hold buyers' payment details.

Buyers have the right to unsubscribe our newsletters or any marketing campaign at any time.

Please read more details here.   


4. Placing Custom Orders 

When you have some wonderful ideas and want us to make your dream come true, we will be very happy to be a part of your life journey! Please contact us detailing what your ideas are, e.g., size, colour, types of leathers, number of pockets, stitching colours and edge paint colours etc. Please feel free to ask us for your new ideas! 


5. Acceptable Payment Methods 

We accepts AMEX, Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Paypal. 

Please ensure filling your correct payment details, in particular billing address which should be exactly matching your billing address associated with your payment cards. If you fail to input correct card details, the payment may not be processed due to security reason. 

We use secure connection (SSL: Secure Sockets Layer encrypts your personal data) and transmit your payment details to appropriate payment processing companies (i.e., Shopify Payment and Paypal in our case) in order to process your payments. 


6. Treated leather edges

For vegetable tanned leather products, you may occasionally find leather edging options for either treated or painted. Leather edges are generally treated with professional leather edge burnishing substances so that edges become smoother unlike sharp edges after the cutting.

Please follow this link to our blog for further explanation.

The image shows (from the top layer of leathers) raw, painted and treated leather edges. Hand painting process will be carried out after burnishing leather edges. 


7. Faster shipping

For UK customers only, if your order total is below £50 and want to receive your orders much quicker, express delivery service is available upon additional charges. Please find the details here.  


8. Care instructions

Your leather products will be much happier if you keep them away from water, heat and hard rubbing.


9. Wholesale availability

Please contact us using the Contact form on our website for further details. 


10. Sample sale T&Cs

Sample sale items are tested and investigated by the maker in person and the maker confirms that there is no outstanding issues for main purposes of the products. Items may contain minor scratches, discolourations and/or imperfection. Listing images may not necessarily reflect actual sample sale products. If you have any question, please just contact us.

Please note that sample sale products are not returnable due to its nature of discount. We run sample sale whenever possible. Please visit our Sale Shop for further product details. 


11. Personalised initials 

If you want to make personalisation, you can add Personalised Initial service in your cart. More details are available in this page. 

If you require more than two initials, please get in touch with your preferred letters.