leather we use

Vegetable tanned leathers are made from natural tanning process.

We are committed to work ethically and sustainably. We continuously search for better materials and are actively engaging with responsible material suppliers. 

Most of our leathers, both vegetable and chrome tanned leathers, are from Italy, the most famous well-known country in the leather industry. We examine leathers in many different ways and meet our tanneries (and sometimes merchandisers) in person. Our tanneries have acquired the quality certificates which assure various aspects of leathers in Italy, i.e., environment, social accountability, quality, product, traceability of raw materials etc. 

veg tan leather we use

In particular, our vegetable tanned leathers are sourced from eco-conscious Italian tanneries, who have maintained sustainable production and have been working with environmental agencies in order to respect our life in the planet.   

We also care how we use our natural materials. We occasionally take recycled leathers. The recycled leathers are sourced from high-end goods manufactures in the UK and are originally produced in Italy. Those leathers are usually 'almost' as good as they were shipped from Italy, except for the fact that they are 'purely' leftover pieces after the cutting process. We are very happy to explore more ideas on our sustainable and conscious living. 

recycled leathers for sustainable living        Recycled leathers are originally from Italy

Our fixtures and fittings are from mostly in the UK and some for high quality items, occasionally, from South Korea. 

We use cottons, papers and recyclable packaging materials to deliver our products to customers.* And it's our aim to improve our services for our customers and planet. 


we use Italian leathers to hand make our leather goods


* Exceptions may be applied to items for pop-up stores and some small leather goods for better protection of the products.