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Wholesale - Jewellery Pouches

Who this page is for 

Whether you are an independent jewellery designer or an one-off buyer for your public event, we'd love to hear more about you and your business! 

Our currently available jewellery pouches are in the Elan collection. Please read more details from each product page.  

Our required process

In order to provide you better service and terms, we need a couple of information about you and your business. 

First, please create your account in our website. By creating your user ID and password, you will be able to log-in to your account. (We will send you our quotes and terms using these details.)  

Next, please log-in to your account and write your name, business name and address. (This will help us identity you and calculate delivery costs) 

Lastly, please send us an email directly and let us know that you've created your account. Please also write your intended order item, quantity, expected delivery date or anything important in this email. When sending us an email, please write your business name in the subject line and email directly to .   

What next 

Upon receiving your email and confirming your account details, we will get back to you within 1-2 working days with our quotes, terms and estimated delivery schedule. 


Some things to note : 

  • We ship from London, the United Kingdom.* 
  • We despatch our orders via Royal Mail (the UK postal service). It usually takes 1 working day to UK, 3-5 working days to Europe and 5-7 working days to USA and Canada. Tracking numbers will be provided. Your signatures will be required upon delivery. 
  • Express shipping service (1-3 days for delivery) is available for international customers upon additional payment.    
  • Minimum order quantity per line will be applied. 
  • Delivery cost will be calculated based on your shipping destination. (We try every effort to lower your shipping costs. Further details will be provided. If you have your own couriers, please let us know in the email.) 
  • Branding option is available upon additional payment. Please let us know in the email if you need this service. 
  • We sometimes accept custom design products upon additional payment. (Subject to our workload and timeline)
  • We usually require 3-6 weeks to make your orders. (subject to order quantity and our schedule; delivery schedule will be confirmed.)
  • If your intended order scale is smaller (e.g., 20-50 pouches?), we may be able to work on your project (subject to our workload and timeline). As much as we want to support small businesses, we are open to everyone who loves our designs and products. Please feel free to get in touch by confirming your intended order quantity, after proceeding the above required process. 
  • Hand-making process does require some time as apposed to factory production. (Processing times will be confirmed.) Please kindly bear in mind these required times for your business plans.  

( * We are currently expanding our business and occasionally we may ship from different locations by our helping partners. Please note that we are working with a couple of leather artisans based in different locations and we believe that this will  enhance our service. Our helping partners are also, just like us, working independently and running their leather workshops, unlike factories. We trust that it won't affect our quality of the products and communications with you.We reserve the right to select best practices for our business at any time.)   

Best wishes, 

Herin from Mollum Vellum