Leathercraft tools

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Learn the learthercraft with actual tools. We carefully selected some of the essential tools for our students so that they could try the craft at home. No need to waste time and money to spend on unnecessary tools. A leather roll (not presented in this image) is included with these tools so you can protect your tools safely.   

The set of selected tools include: 

  • 1 x 4-prong pricking iron
  • 1 x scratching awl 
  • 1 x thread cutter
  • 1 x stitching awl 
  • 1 x glue spatular
  • 1 x beeswax 
  • 2 x needles 
  • 1 x 30 cm stainless steel ruler
  • 1 x scalpel handle 

And the above tools are accompanied by a leather wrap pouch to protect your tools.† The leather wrap pouch is handmade by us in London.  


† The colour of the leather wrap pouch can be varied. If you want a specific colour, ask us before your purchase.