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Taster (Private)

Taster (Private)

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Learn to work on the Taster's leather craft projects in private sessions. The class is designed to provide you basic concepts of leather crafting methods and invites you making no-sew-required leather projects during 2 hours. You will be handling professional leather craft tools and our latest premium leathers. This class is perfect for everyone who loves to try out new crafts without any prior experience/knowledge (All you need to bring is your enthusiasm!)

You will be working on pre-designed leather items from the beginning to the end. You will receive plenty advice and demonstration from us at your own crafting speed.  

We will start the class by guiding you to our brief understanding in leather industries and leather craft techniques. You will select leathers and brass fixtures depending on projects you wish to work. You will find how to handle the leather and the leather craft tools in order to complete your projects. You will also learn how to treat leather edges with professional tools. 

You will select from the below pre-designed leather items: 

  • Leather key holder
  • Leather card holder 
  • Leather tray 
  • Leather bracelet 
  • Leather bookmark

Depending on timeline, you can choose to work on as many items as you can. 

  • What you will learn : 
  • Essential concepts for leather crafts (leather & tools) 
  • How to handle leather tools and what they are 
  • How to handle leather patterns 
  • How to hand cut leather 
  • How to assemble fittings and fixtures for the leather
  • How to treat leather edges professionally 
  • How to hand stamp texts and numbers (Subject to time and availability) 

The workshop will be held in our functional workshop room at Craft Central (E14 3AE). 

You can book the private sessions during the hours of Monday - Friday (10 am -  pm).

If you are a small group of new crafters (i.e., more than 2 crafters at a time up to 4 crafters), you can also book with us on the hours of Monday - Friday (10 am - 8pm) and Saturday (10 am - 4pm).  

Please WRITE your preferred dates & times on the Note to Seller section during your check-out. 

There will be refreshments to help you keep refreshed during the session. 


Please kindly NOTE that : 

  • Once you book online, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours to confirm your booking. In this email, you will also receive further details on pre-workshop information including how to find/reach us.   
  • We need 24 hours notice to prepare your workshop. (For example, if you want to book a workshop on Wednesday 3pm, the workshop can be purchased by Tuesday 3pm.) 
  • You will be handling sharp tools and raw materials. By singing up this class, you agree that you will be handling leather craft tools carefully in order to prevent any unwanted injuries.
  • The ticket can be purchased as a gift voucher so that you can give it to anyone. Please write "GIFT for [the person's name]" during your check-out.
  • The ticket is not transferrable and refundable.